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I have been scalped! September 21, 2005

Got my playoff ticket notice email yesterday. Linked in to look at the invoice after returning from last night’s loss to the Bonds. Yikes.

I have 2 seats for the 41 game plan, section 512, row 2, seats 13 and 14. Really sweet seats if you ask me (and everyone who has used them agrees). It provides a prime view of the whole field (minus that annoying far right field corner) while also allowing a close enough look at the pitcher’s and batter’s mechanics. Very happy at $13 a seat a game.

I don’t know what I expected when the playoff tickets came out. Of course, I knew they would be more expensive. I even expected to get different seats since the marketing text said only that I would be guaranteed the same number of seats for the playoffs.

So, first the invoice shows me that I will be moving 5 sections over towards the outfield. Section 507, row 2, seats 7-8. Not great but better than those really bad outfield seats.

Then the price. Bottom line: $1669. Fuck. There are two playoff related charges, one for a Playoff Handling Charge at $23 and another Playoff Surcharge for $66. That leaves $1580 for the price of the seats. If this covers 10 games as I have read, that is $79 dollars a seat a game.

The result: if the probability gods make an example of the Nationals and let them in the playoffs, I will be watching on TV. Some other soul, probably someone who thinks it is important to be seen at a big sporting event yet can’t name more than a couple of National players, will be sitting in Section 507, Row 2, Seats 7-8.


1. Drunkie - October 7, 2005

LMAO… stick to the TV mate 🙂
Sup Jol… yeh I know been long time..!