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Tigers 6-22-07 June 23, 2007

updated: added scorecard

Many years from now, 2007 might be remembered as year one of building the Nationals dynasty that brought many titles to the DC area. What is assured, however, are two plays will be a part of most highlight reels or blooper packages. First, Matt Chico throwing a pitch over the first base dugout against the Marlins back in April. Second, from last night’s game, a grounder finding its way into Ryan Zimmerman’s shirt followed by Ryan’s bewildered “Where did it go, George” look and finally a magician’s ta-da moment as Zimmerman pulled it out of his shirt.

Zimmerman loses ball in shirt.

I also found myself on camera, well actually my ear and camera. About an inning before the shot below, the cameraman set up in front of me but I guess the guys in the control booth agrees with me–my mug isn’t for the viewing public. Thankfully, they didn’t catch two stellar moments in the 8th inning. Two foul balls hit a couple seats down from me, in my row. The first one, I leaned as far as I could to give it a shot, but it was just outside of my reach while seated. I could have had it if I would have gotten up but what would have been the use. I would have just given it away. The second one, I didn’t even try for.


The game itself was a confidence builder. Maybe Micah Bowie could have given us another inning (he went 4-1/3) but he did what we couldn’t do against the Tigers earlier this week–kept the bats silent. His pitch count in such a short stint was over 100 pitches and that led to stringing together 6 relievers to close out the game.

One of those relievers, the first brought in, was Luis Ayala. Back finally on the Nationals mound after missing 2006 season with an injury. He wasn’t the overpowering Ayala from 2005, even if the scorebook shows 9 pitches for 2 outs.

Outside of Guzman’s homerun and Brandon Watson’s double, we scored our 4 runs with 10 singles and a couple of walks. Brandon was 2 for 4 with a single, double and 2 RBI.

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