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Indians, Sunday June 24th June 25, 2007

updated: added scorecard

A minor rant to start. The concessions at RFK still suck, at least the ones that I use in the 500’s. Understanding that I am usually through the gates at or shortly after they open, the vendors should be ready to take my money and give me food. Friday night, I had to wait until the food was cooked–a process started when I ordered. Sunday, plenty of food ready, none of the cash registers ready to go. I had to wait over 5 minutes while my cashier unsealed a plastic bag and counted out her til. There was no sauce for the chicken tenders either, I was directed to the condiment stations because “there is ketchup and mustard there.” Finally, the topper, when handing back my change, she asked “would you like to help contribute to our tips?” I need to write to someone about this.

Like Doctor Frankenstein, I am slowly building my TV monster bit-by-bit. Sunday, my left side of my body.

Wonderful low humidity weather for a wonderful game. Dmitri Young continues to do his job, which is to show off until he can be traded. The same goes for Ronnie Belliard, who was 3-3 starting at 2nd. Jesus Flores, our catcher for the future, batted in 2 runs. Brandon Watson, or as he is now known as–“The Streak”–, hit hard even if he only reached base once.

Another great play in the infield. Okay, it was great only because it teetered on the edge of disaster. Guzman fielded a grounder that hopped over the 2nd base bag. His momentum forced him to turn his body away from the infield, toward right field. In a moment of insanity, maybe brilliant but still insane, he flipped the ball from his glove, behind his back to Ronnie Belliard in attempt to get the force out at 2nd. The flip went wild to the right of Belliard, who reached up with his bare hand to catch it, pulling his feet off the bag. In a final desperate move, ball in his bare hand, Ronnie kicked his feet backwards. He fell to the ground like a diver executing a great belly flop, his feet barely grazing the bag to get the out. This play was the #1 Web Gem on Baseball Tonight but they credited it to Guzman. Ronnie was the real hero; he kept Guzman’s wild throw from getting away and he had the field presence to blindly know where the bag was behind him and to give up his body to tag the base.

The Presidents’ Race had a little bit of extra fun in it too. Thomas Jefferson came out with a sling for his arm and a bandage on his nose. Before the race, the stadium screen showed the previous night’s race where the runner in the TJ costume had trouble staying upright. He (or she) took a header into the dirt in front of the visitor’s dugout, then tried to get up only to face plant hard again. I am sorry I missed that one but it was nice to see it on replay.

I love sunny day games (my seats are always in the shade). I don’t have to force the camera to downgrade its quality to improve shutter speed, so the pictures are always the sharpest and cleanest I can get with this camera:

P1060123 P1060120 P1060105 P1060103 P1060100 P1060097 P1060085 P1060072 P1060069 P1060041 P1060037 P1050991 P1050989 P1050962 P1050959 P1050950 P1050939

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1. Eric - June 25, 2007

Dude, the concessions do suck at that place. Not just the staff’s inability to get things ready on-time or to provide even passable service, but the food offerings are pretty putrid.