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I am a 37 year old baseball fan named Jol. My day job is developing software, mostly web-applications for businesses and the federal government. Outside of a passion for technology, I have a few other things that I enjoy enough to be classified as minor obsessions: television, the NFL, baseball and comic books.

If you were to survey my few friends and ask what is one thing Jol knows well, I believe and hope the response would be television. I was profiled in the print version of Wired back in 1995 for a service I provided called the Internet Television Ratings. I also wrote and edited an email newsletter about TV. I now spend my TV energy mainly watching too many shows with the help of many TiVo’s. However, I plan to start building up my TVWatcher.net blog this year.

I love watching sports, live or on TV (hopefully in HD). I have been a diehard fan of the Miami Dolphins since I watched them lose Super Bowl XVII on a snowy afternoon in 1982. During those years, I was also an Atlanta Braves fan. This was mainly because of cable television and Turner Broadcasting–it was the only real baseball I could watch in my small town.

My interest in baseball, and sports in general, waned as I neared adulthood. That changed, however, once I joined the Navy in 1988 and was stationed in Misawa Japan. There, a young man would do anything to latch onto something from home. My final years there coincided with the great 1991 World Series. That series and all the playoffs from those years rekindled my love for baseball and the Braves.

Unfortunately, after I returned to the US at age 23, I focused more on living life freely and establishing myself at work. It wasn’t until baseball returned to Washington DC, coupled with a great new friend who loved baseball, that I fell back in love with baseball. Now I have 2 season tickets for the Washington Nationals and this baseball blog.

My love for comic books followed a similar up-down path as my love for baseball. I was introduced to comics at the age of 10 when I inherited a garbage bag full of books from a neighbor. They were in bad shape and not of the superhero genre (Richie Rich and Jonah Hex mainly) but it was enough to get my juices flowing. I wasn’t able to afford to sustain any real reading momentum until I got a job of my own around 15 years old. Then I was able to set up an account at a local comic shop in Richmond Virginia. They would order and keep all the titles I wanted. Being an irresponsible kid, that didn’t last too long–I didn’t make paying a priority.

Recently, I have started ordering comics online, getting a monthly delivery. While I flirted with doing this about 5 years ago, it didn’t go over well with my husband. But reading the buzz over the Identity Crisis mini-series made me bring it up again and we worked it out. I love getting my monthly shipment, usually 30-35 comics from DC and Marvel. That passion recently made me decide to start a blog devoted to comic books called Tomb Of Nabu.

I plan to post here a little news about baseball and the Nationals, my thoughts (and pictures) from games I attend, scorebook sheet for games I score and anything else that is on my mind.
If you have suggestions or comments, email me at jol@natsatbat.com. Feel free to stop by my seats 13 & 14 in Section 512, Row 2 and chat. I am on the 41 game plan, so I will not be there every game.